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Board of Directors

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Columbus GAA Board of Directors Summary


Columbus GAA was founded in 2011 with the mission of promoting Irish sports and pastimes in Columbus, Ohio.


It’s a very exciting time to become involved with the club - over the past 3 years we have experienced tremendous growth and more people than ever are playing Irish sports in Columbus.


We are continuing down the path toward being one of the largest GAA clubs in America and one of the premier amateur and recreational sports available to the beautiful people of Columbus.



Board members serve as key leaders within the club. Board members work independently and collaboratively to help the club achieve its short and long term strategic goals. The board simultaneously plans, manages, and executes many key initiatives for the club.


You will be a great fit for the Columbus GAA board if you:

      Are a doer!

      Collaborate and communicate well within a team

      Love to be part of a larger mission and help grow organizations





Take a close look through this page, including the descriptions for each role on the board. If you think you or someone else would be a great fit, please reach out to Pat Coyne (  Nominations for elections will end Tuesday February 2 at 11:59pm.


Elections will take place in person at Fado on Thursday February 4. Please arrive by 6:30pm, with the AGM starting promptly at 7pm. Each candidate is expected to give a brief speech explaining why they believe they are a good fit for the position. Those who cannot attend in person will have the option of filling out an online ballot.





The President (Chairman) works closely with all board members to set the club strategy/goals and to prioritize and execute on those goals. The president is responsible for the master calendar and acts as an internal/external liaison for the club. The President works with all directors on planning and goal setting and assists in all areas of the club where his/her efforts are needed. 


The Competition Director (Vice chair) is responsible for the day-to-day operations exclusive to the play of Irish Football and has the authority to make decisions regarding these operations. He/she is responsible for creating a top-flight competitive experience for players and for developing the culture of the sport in Columbus. Key activities include identifying coaching staffs, training new coaches and referees, scheduling local league matches, and overseeing equipment procurement and distribution. The Competition Director is expected to form and lead the Competition Committee to assist in these efforts.


Pub League Director is the "commissioner" of the local league and is responsible for doing whatever is necessary to make the league a top-flight competitive and social experience.  Outside of the pub league, the PDL will work with the Competitive director to secure athletic fields (maybe the most important task in the club), working with other board members and pub sponsors to host fundraising events, working closely with the City of Dublin to ensure the club’s presence in the Dublin Irish Festival, and coordinating resources and manpower to properly set up and host our local athletic matches.


Secretary is the chief administrator of the club and has a large role in recruiting strategy. The secretary is responsible for scheduling board meetings and keeping minutes of those meetings. The secretary will follow up with other board members on their assigned tasks.  The secretary will ensure each board meeting includes an update on their respected recruitment efforts.


The Communications Director is responsible for primary external and internal club communication. The CD is responsible for the creation and management of the club newsletter. The CD is responsible for website management and updates, social media, and PR efforts. The CD is responsible for assisting in management of the club database and mailing list.


The Financial Director is responsible for all financial matters relating to the club. This includes collection of the initial registration forms and members’ dues, player financial arrangements, payment of the club’s bills, tracking and collection of sponsor contributions and of all money due to the club, as well as oversight of all expenditures made on the club’s behalf. The FD is responsible for establishment of and adherence to a budget for all club events, performing the bookkeeping and maintenance of the club accounts, maintaining the 501c3 status, preparing financial reports and tax filing.


The Personnel Director is responsible for maintaining membership information for the club.  The PD is responsible for collecting and maintaining the personnel records of the club, including all necessary agreements and insurance information. The PD is responsible for tracking all players and will participate fully in local league team draft activities.  The PD is responsible for working with the North American Gaelic Athletic Association to properly register teams and players representing the club at NAGAA events and competitions.  The PD is responsible for tracking game score statistics and reporting them directly to the CD.



We are an athletic organization founded and centered around competition, fun, and cameraderie. Board members are leaders in the club and responsible for maintaining a strong club culture that welcomes everyone to experience Irish sports.  Board members will meet, at a minimum, once a month to discuss all club matters.  At the conclusion of the AGM, the new 2016 board will schedule its first meeting.


Board members represent the club, not just themselves and should always strive to conduct themselves professionally. Our members are our most important asset, and all club decisions and actions should always be made with a mind toward creating the best possible experience for our members.